New in Shop

In the last few weeks, I’ve been hard at work creating a new collection of jewelry.  My goal is to create pieces that carry meaningful messages, so that wearing them everyday reminds us of what matters the most.  I’m so excited to share my work with you in the coming days!

First up is a cuff inspired by the eponymous friendship bracelet.  It features textured, braided details, complete with tassels. I created this cuff to capture the wonder of childhood and to celebrate the special bonds that we share with our best friends, be they near or far.




Back to Basics

Fall has arrived in New York.  We’ve been blessed with beautiful sunshine and crisp air, day after day.  It feels so rejuvenating and refreshing, I wish it could go on forever.

Even though spring is usually the season associated with new beginnings, I can’t help but feel this sense of renewal every fall.  (Maybe it’s the dork in me that still associates fall with school).  In any case, I’m gravitating towards everything simple and low key, kind of like the understated elegance of fall.  I prefer classic silhouettes and delicate jewelry, like the ones below that I live on from day to day.  What is your take on fall?


1/ simple cascading chain earrings
2/ layered 14k gold filled station necklace
3/ gold beaded ring
4/ onyx bracelet

Be Jeweled

Yesterday I took a much needed walk downtown, taking full advantage of the gorgeous 70+ degree weather.  On my little meander I wandered into Doyle & Doyle, a gem-like boutique housing a breathtaking collection of antique and estate fine jewelry.

From the moment I stepped into this cozy store, I felt as if I had entered a private gallery or museum.  A wonderful array of Edwardian, Victorian and Deco jewels were artfully displayed in simple shadow boxes on the wall, with neat little captions pinned on the wall explaining the materials and background of each piece.

There is something very alluring about owning a vintage or antique jewelry piece.  It’s like acquiring a living, breathing thing that has had a full life of its own before your time.  And as you wear and mold it, your own story becomes ingrained in its crevices and curves, turning it into a multi layered piece of human history.

I’m getting a little carried away here but just look at these beauties!





For more pieces, visit their site or stop by their shop!

Charming Snakes

Happy Chinese New Year!  It’s the snake’s turn.  In Chinese culture, the snake is considered a good luck charm.  Those born in the year of the snake are intuitive, introspective, graceful and sometimes very mysterious.

I feel inspired to work on a new snake design.  In the meantime, here are some beautiful pieces inspired by this serpentine creature.  Some are literal representations of the snake’s form, while others highlight its most distinctive features.


Shaun Leane Serpents Trace necklace with emerald


Ileana Makri diamond, ruby and gold snake ring




Jennifer Fisher Cuff


YSL Snake Skin Cuff

V-Day Arrivals!

I love the idea of East meets West.  I guess given my background that doesn’t come as a surprise.  So when it came to creating an initial necklace, I wanted to bring the fluid lines of Asian calligraphy to the world of Western alphabets.  The results are simple yet full of personality and whimsy.  This is one of many of my picks for Valentine’s Day.  Check them out here!

Mosco Initial Necklace, from Mica

Speaking of which, here are some other cool finds that can make the most extreme V-day cynic smile!


Silver and white vintage flower hairpins, from LucieTales.
These hairpins are so delicate and fresh. They remind me of romance from a bygone era, as if you just discovered them in your grandmother’s jewelry box.


“Morning Hope”, by Tubidu.
Tubidu’s prints are so colorful, dreamy and imaginative.  This is my favorite so far because it captures the possibilities that come with every new morning.  Makes me feel hopeful and in love with this world.


Valentine Heart Paper Ornament, by PaperAltar
So freakin’ adorable!  Frame it (or a few) in a 3D display frame and there you have new wall art for your home.


V Day Card, by Emily McDowellAwww…awkward and adorable!


V Day Tote with Gold Hearts, by TheLittleParasol
And don’t forget the little ones!


A Goldilicious Wedding

As a bride-to-be, I am constantly looking for fresh inspirations.  And did Aubrey Renee deliver!  This very talented photographer recently wrapped up a New Year’s Eve themed wedding shoot that is simply magical (and frankly very NYC with all the glitter and gold).  It brings together some of my favorite elements: GOLD (how brilliant is this dress?), flapper aesthetics, gorgeous velvety shades of plum, old fashioned cocktails…the list goes on.  The icing on the cake?  The gorgeous bride sported our Ave B bracelet!

Here are some snapshots. More photos from this shoot can be seen on her website here.