More Newness

A few more new pieces available in my shop now. ūüôā








New in Shop

In the last few weeks, I’ve been hard at work creating a new collection of jewelry. ¬†My goal is to create pieces that carry meaningful messages, so that wearing them everyday reminds us of what matters the most. ¬†I’m so excited to share my work¬†with you in the coming days!

First up is a cuff inspired by the eponymous friendship bracelet.  It features textured, braided details, complete with tassels. I created this cuff to capture the wonder of childhood and to celebrate the special bonds that we share with our best friends, be they near or far.



Sneak Peek

I’ve been busy the past few weeks, working on prototypes of new designs using the lost wax technique. ¬†It’s a lot of fun, though daunting at times. ¬†But I truly enjoy the experience¬†of delving deeply into a process and learning every detail and nuance.

It’s kind of like being in a relationship with another person. ¬†You find out how the material reacts to¬†different temperatures, pressures and tools. ¬†You uncover amazing qualities that may not be apparent at first, that make you fall just that much deeper in love. ¬†And you learn to work through the rough patches and come out appreciating the special relationship you have with this craft.

My hope is to get everything ready by the busy gifting season.  In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of a ring that was inspired by this quote. It celebrates the beauty of the mountainside, not the mountain peak, because it is on the mountainsides where things grow.  And it is in the process, not the final outcome, where we can find moments that enrich our lives.


Being a Student Again



Just this week, I finished taking a three-week wax carving class at the Bloomfield School.  These are two new rings that I made, by first carving them in wax and then casting them into sterling silver.  What a fun medium to work with!  I love the malleability of wax.  As you can see, one of my rings is very precise in shape and texture.  The other one, on the contrary, is left very raw and organic.




I highly recommend the Bloomfield School.  They offer multi-week and same-day classes across a number of disciplines, from wax to soldering to patinas and even stamping.  The instructors, Kerrie and Melissa, are tons of fun (and infinitely patient!).  Check out their own jewelry sites here!