Etsy Finds

A few of my favorite finds from Etsy.








From top to bottom: Leather sandals, striped dress, printed scarf, silver diamond ring, leather tote with fringe details,  and seeing eye amulet.

You can see more of my finds here!



Decor for a Cause


Have you heard about the Handcrafted Collection from West Elm?  I randomly stumbled upon it while scouring for home accessories on their website.  As a part of this collection, they’re collaborating with 20 different artisan groups around the world (from Philippines to Mississippi) to develop handcrafted products that directly benefit the makers and their families & communities.

I love that tiered chandelier made from capiz shells! It’s organic yet elegant at the same time.  Here are a few more of my favorites:



From top to bottom: capiz shell chandelier (Philippines), esma wool rug (India), papier-mache elephant sculpture (Haiti), printed armchair (Mississippi), hives vases (Santo Tomas)

Gifts for Mom

For once, I am not scrambling this year for a mom present.  Foresight sometimes does pay off. 🙂 But it’s always fun to shop for moms (I tend to scratch my head for dad), because the possibilities are endless!  Here I’ve put together a quick (and very pink…not by design actually) gift guide for anyone looking for fresh ideas.  Enjoy!


1. Rose & Cardamon Bathing Salt from Marble and Milkweed, $20  Bath = Total Relaxation
2. Peach & Gold Dot Dish from Upintheairsomewhere, $28 For the kitchen or for mom’s little accessories
3. Rose & Gold Leather Clutch from GiftShopBrooklyn, $74 Made of vintage table cloth, this clutch is perfect for weekend errands, garden parties, or summer nights out.
4. Silk Pink Peonies from Braggingbags, $20 Yes real flowers are lovely but they don’t last, so consider this beautiful alternative. 
5. Art Nouveau Rose Gold Locket Square Keychain from DresdenDollz, $85 This gorgeous piece dates from 1920s Central Europe.  Put your baby photo in it for mom’s keepsake.  You can also turn this locket into a necklace pendant. 
6. Together Necklace from Mica, $32  Do you live away from mom? Gift her this cute 14k gold filled ampersand necklace as a reminder of your togetherness.



Fruit of the Loom

What a month!  First I contracted a stomach virus that made my life a living hell for two weeks.  But luckily I recovered in time to soak in sun and fun at Disney World.  We walked 10 miles every day, running between rides like nobody’s business (thank you, Fast Pass).  The whole experience made me appreciate my body.

I also learned to appreciate the simplest things put on this earth to nourish our bodies – fruits!  While I was ill, fruits became my salvation.  Their colorful appearance and juicy bites made my fever a tad more bearable.  All sorts of varieties – apples, oranges, melons, bananas, pomegranate….I probably downed more fruits in two weeks than I did the previous two months.

Come to think of it, fruits have been a steady source of inspiration for all types of designs: fashion, furniture, stationary, the list goes on….

Here are some of my favorites:


Dolce & Gabbana


Pret a Manger


Markus Long Fruit Coasters


Cenk Kara Lemon Bathroom Sink


D-Bros Fruit Sticky Notes


Marc by Marc Jacobs Sliced Fruit Earrings


And finally, my new shop arrival, a delicious bite of yellow turquoise pear complete with a gold leaflet.