Little Scribbles

I finally made the switch to a new iPhone.  The colors are so much more vibrant.  Plus, I very belatedly discovered the OVER app, so now I am going all crazy with little scribbles.

Some photos from the past weekend.






Decor for a Cause


Have you heard about the Handcrafted Collection from West Elm?  I randomly stumbled upon it while scouring for home accessories on their website.  As a part of this collection, they’re collaborating with 20 different artisan groups around the world (from Philippines to Mississippi) to develop handcrafted products that directly benefit the makers and their families & communities.

I love that tiered chandelier made from capiz shells! It’s organic yet elegant at the same time.  Here are a few more of my favorites:



From top to bottom: capiz shell chandelier (Philippines), esma wool rug (India), papier-mache elephant sculpture (Haiti), printed armchair (Mississippi), hives vases (Santo Tomas)

Spring in Brooklyn


Our new place is now about a 20 minute round trip from the nearest post office.  To put that in perspective, our last apartment was one block away.  My first reaction was “Oh no, what a hassle!”

But after a couple of trips, I am fully appreciating the experience.  Walking outside in the weekday feels like a surprisingly luxurious experience. I mean let’s face it, it is so easy to stay glued to your work desk and forget to even look out the window. And look at all that we’re missing out on!

My favorite bits of my neighborhood walks are the scenery and the people.  These are some of the photos I grabbed on my phone while out yesterday.  I mean, just look at the colors! Brooklyn is blooming from tip to toe.  I especially love the contrast between the bright greens against the brick reds.


I also enjoy people watching (don’t we all?). I like to imagine who they are, what they do and what’s the most exciting thing happening to them today.

Do you take walks outside? What is your favorite part of it?


Back…Second Time Around

Hello friends!

It’s been a good while, hasn’t it?

As I mentioned before, I went on a 3-month backpacking trip with Mike.  We covered Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.  What a blast!  It was such an enlightening experience:  As you can imagine, when you’re living out of a backpack, with no preset itineraries, new cultures, people and sights, and (the best part) no work on your mind, it could lead to some incredibly revelatory conversations and self discovery.   Once I comb through our thousands of photos, I will share tidbits of our trip here.  Stay tuned…

In the meantime, some updates!

  • We said good bye to East Village and found this beautiful, spacious new place in Brooklyn.  I love our new neighborhood.  It’s tranquil yet a 5 minute walk away from restaurants and cafes.  My favorite time of the day is in the early twilight, when all is quiet except birds chirping… Photos to come once we settle in!
  • I’ve re-opened my jewelry shop, which is slowly but surely being updated.  Please check back often as I am updating it on a daily basis!
  • To keep me company in our new spacious home, we welcomed two new members to our family!  Luca and Lulu are siblings that we adopted at 4 months old.  They’re playful and sweet and love purring in my lap as I type on my computer.  If you have any tried and true tips on raising two kittens, please let me know!