3 Exhibits To See

I love going to museums.  There are so many of them in New York, some large and well known, others smaller like hidden gems.  But as you know, it’s easy to take things for granted when they’re in your backyard.  So I did a quick research to see what interesting exhibits are going on now.  Here are my top 3 picks.  If you’re in the NY area, do check them out!  I will do the same, pinky swear.




An exhibition of Cooper Hewitt’s extensive collection of wall coverings, in a space called the Immersion Room.  Here is the twist: visitors can use the “pen” to select digital images of wallpapers or sketch their own design and then project them onto the walls at full scale to see their impact.  How awesome is that!




I am a big fan of Calder.  Apparently, Whitney has the largest repository of Calder’s work in the whole world.  This exhibition features his famous circus assemblage, made from ordinary materials like  wire, string, wood, cork, cloth and bits of metal.  It also showcases his later, more abstract mobiles.




The Tenement Museum gives visitors a glimpse of NYC’s multicultural past by re-furbishing historic tenement buildings and bringing past stories to life.  This specific guided tour focuses on family-run stores on Orchard Street across generations, in the hopes of achieving the American Dream.  Having been on a couple of tours at the museum, I always walk away feeling amazed, both by the history of this city’s people, but also by the engaging and thoughtful tour guides that make these experiences extra memorable.


“Privacy Is a State of Mind”


One of my favorite museums is the Museum of the City of New York.  It’s on the smaller side when compared to others in the neighborhood (the Met, the Guggenheim, for example).  I like that because I am able to better absorb the exhibits and take my time wandering through them.

Right now there are a few cool exhibits happening there.  My personal favorite is a small exhibit on photographs of Coney Island by Aaron Rose called “In a World of Their Own.”  What I like about it is that he’s able to, unobtrusively, capture intimate moments happening on the crowded beaches of Coney Island.  These scenes are also so representative of New York because in such a populous city, privacy is really a state of mind.  At any given public space, there are so many private moments unfolding alongside one another.

Here are some photos from the exhibit:










Black and White Saturday


Lately I’ve been drawn to black & white photos.  Somehow, when the colors are removed, the details can become more vivid.  Here are some pics I snapped while out and about this afternoon.  Bonus footage of my two cats hanging by the bedroom window!


A bizarre dumping ground of old and used bathtubs, right behind the local Lowe’s parking lot.


A child’s stool outside a thrift shop, with a comforting message.


Tables brimming with used baseball gloves.


Husband…and cats. 44eeennnnnnnnnnnn (Luca just typed this)

Image ImageImage

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!



Spring in Brooklyn


Our new place is now about a 20 minute round trip from the nearest post office.  To put that in perspective, our last apartment was one block away.  My first reaction was “Oh no, what a hassle!”

But after a couple of trips, I am fully appreciating the experience.  Walking outside in the weekday feels like a surprisingly luxurious experience. I mean let’s face it, it is so easy to stay glued to your work desk and forget to even look out the window. And look at all that we’re missing out on!

My favorite bits of my neighborhood walks are the scenery and the people.  These are some of the photos I grabbed on my phone while out yesterday.  I mean, just look at the colors! Brooklyn is blooming from tip to toe.  I especially love the contrast between the bright greens against the brick reds.


I also enjoy people watching (don’t we all?). I like to imagine who they are, what they do and what’s the most exciting thing happening to them today.

Do you take walks outside? What is your favorite part of it?


Letting Go


Yesterday we paid a visit to Willy Wall, a floating bar in the middle of the Hudson.  To get there, we hopped onto a 10-minute boat ride that set sail from the back of the World Financial Center.  The physical motion of stepping off shore and watching it zoom out into a row of leggo-like structures was strangely comforting.   We caught the breath-taking sunset over the water.  So gorgeous, it seemed like a dream.

The journey itself seems like an apt metaphor for life.  Sometimes we just have to let go of our minds’ daily preoccupations, zoom out and appreciate life from a few miles away.

Manhattan, as chaotic as you are, you sure look beautiful.