Jewelry Shop


Mica is an evolving line of simple, chic jewelry handmade (by me!) in Brooklyn, NY.

My approach for this line is “less is more.”  This outlook came out of my backpacking trip in Asia for 3 months.  After living out of a simple backpack day after day, I realized just how much unnecessary “stuff” is in my life, bringing clutter and distractions.  At the end of the day, happiness hinges on how you connect with yourself, your loved ones, your possessions and your environment.  If they number too much, the connections you build become less meaningful.  Thus continues the cycle of more acquisition to fill in that void.

When it comes to my jewelry, I focus on quality, timelessness and versatility.  Each piece is meant to be treasured and worn for many years.  In fact, I hope you love it so much that you wear it everyday.  Many of them carry hidden meanings, which I think makes them even more special as gifts for yourself or your loved ones!



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