My Ceramic Addiction

Lately I’ve been collecting images of beautiful ceramic art.  An addiction in the brewing, perhaps!  The pieces that I feel most drawn to all have a dash of unexpectedness in them: be it a swoosh of color, an elegant crooked edge, or an interesting texture.  I guess perfectly imperfect is the descriptor I am looking for.

There is a quality of intimacy in holding a ceramic object.  It’s a little treasure in your hands, brought to life by someone’s vision and skill.

Here are a few of my favorites:










{From top to bottom: Bailey Doesn’t Bark, Studio Joo, OVOceramics, Studio Arhoj, Sturdy, Red Raven Studios, Seasons for You}





I have a soft spot for Moleskin, the little black book that looks so polished, compact, and perfectly bare, ready to be imprinted with my thoughts and ideas.  What if this humble little notebook were to be transformed into an object of art?  That’s what’s happening at the London Design Festival this year, where they are exhibiting the Moleskin notebooks of designers and artists around the world. Here is a small selection of them:

3035156-slide-s-1-moleskine-notebooksalfred-von-escher 3035156-slide-s-3-moleskine-notebooksantonio-marras 3035156-slide-s-4-moleskine-notebooksbcxsy 3035156-slide-s-20-moleskine-notebookstord-boontje 3035156-slide-s-16-moleskine-notebooksoki-sato 3035156-slide-s-19-moleskine-notebooksrodrigo-almeida 3035156-slide-s-10-moleskine-notebookskiki-van-eijk2

{Photos from Fast Company}