Just Keep on Writing

I’ve been a long time admirer of Rachel over at Elephantine.  She is a talented jack of all trades, making beautiful jewelry, curating amazing kitchen finds, taking gorgeous photos, while working on her first novel.

When asked how she overcomes resistance and makes time for writing practice, she says:
“I think the key is to make writing a priority — if it’s truly a priority, you will find time for it, no matter how busy you think your day already is. Write instead of watching TV, write during your lunch break, write instead of going to sleep at your usual time. I’m always asking myself, “Is this really more important than writing?” If you have a newborn or taxes to do or overdue thank you notes to write, then yeah, you probably need to do that first. But there are plenty of things that can be traded in for writing time. And even if you’re a slow writer (like me) just a little bit every day eventually adds up to a lot.”

It’s encouraging to hear her perspective.  When you’re on a personal creative pursuit, it’s difficult at times to push forward.  A blank sheet of paper (or an un-carved piece of wax, in my case) can be intimidating.  Where to start?!  But I think it’s also a misperception that creativity just happens.  It happens in the process of experimenting, over and over again.  It requires diving into the unknown and figuring out a path bit by bit, through trial and error, through little victories and many dead ends.

Speaking of which, here is an interesting list of successful people who didn’t make it overnight but worked hard to achieve their accomplishments.

{Photo courtesy of Elephantine}


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