Summer Wardrobe


I recently read this fun book called “Lessons from Madam Chic.”  It’s written by Jennifer Scott who studied abroad in France and learned quite a few important lifestyle lessons from her host mother.

One of these lessons has to do with owning fewer, better things.  It helps unclutter our wardrobe, our time and our minds.  The idea is that for every season you own a capsule collection of 10-15 versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to produce many different outfits.  Let me pause a moment here: Imagine waking up in the morning and spending 5 minutes to figure out what you’ll wear?!

I love this style philosophy, especially after traveling for 3 months with nothing but a backpack of essentials.  After we returned to the States, I tried to put this to practice by cleaning out my wardrobe.  It is amazing how much stuff I own that have not been worn for more than a year!  Now my wardrobe is much more streamlined and I’m also able to better appreciate what I already have.  Shopping also becomes more enjoyable because it requires more deliberation and I am able to work with a bigger budget.

Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite finds from companies that focus on timeless style and quality.








From top to bottom: Maxi Dress, Silk Tank, Chambray Dress, Black Shorts, Leather Tote, Bikini
{Photo: one of my style icons Charlotte Gainsbourg}


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