Spring in Brooklyn


Our new place is now about a 20 minute round trip from the nearest post office.  To put that in perspective, our last apartment was one block away.  My first reaction was “Oh no, what a hassle!”

But after a couple of trips, I am fully appreciating the experience.  Walking outside in the weekday feels like a surprisingly luxurious experience. I mean let’s face it, it is so easy to stay glued to your work desk and forget to even look out the window. And look at all that we’re missing out on!

My favorite bits of my neighborhood walks are the scenery and the people.  These are some of the photos I grabbed on my phone while out yesterday.  I mean, just look at the colors! Brooklyn is blooming from tip to toe.  I especially love the contrast between the bright greens against the brick reds.


I also enjoy people watching (don’t we all?). I like to imagine who they are, what they do and what’s the most exciting thing happening to them today.

Do you take walks outside? What is your favorite part of it?



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