On Journeys


An excerpt from Travels with Charley, which I finally finished in the midst of wedding planning:

“In the beginning of this record I tried to explore the nature of journeys, how they are things in themselves, each one an individual and no two alike.  I speculated with a kind of wonder on the strength of the individuality of the journeys and stopped on the postulate that people don’t take trips – trips take people.”

This quote comes at an appropriate time, as we’ve decided to backpack in Southeast Asia for three months come January.  It was not a hard decision to make: We both wanted to get out and see the world, before responsibilities tied us down.   We have no kids, no pets (not yet anyway!) and no house, so why not be wanderers in a different part of the world?

For this trip, we decided not to over-plan, to build rooms for surprises and spontaneity.  I wonder what personality this journey would take and how it would affect us as individuals and as a newly married couple.

If anyone has advice for traveling in that part of the world, please do let me know!



We just returned from a week in paradise for our small destination wedding.  Still can’t believe I am a married woman!  It’s hard to encapsulate in words how the whole celebration felt.  The best that I can do is to say that it felt perfect and it felt right. 🙂  Now Mike will finally start calling me “wife!”
Here are some snippets of engagement photos we did, the day before we wed.  We jumped into a car with the photographer and drove around the island in search of scenic spots.  Guess what we saw: cows on the beach!




Photos by Matt Phoenix Photography (our awesome partner in crime!)

I hope everyone is having a great November so far! Holidays are around the corner, so keep an eye out for new arrivals in my shop, like these ones.