Post Card from France

A vintage post card from France, brought back to me by my friend Caro who just spent 2 months living there.  It’s an actual postcard, dating back to January 21, 1923,  with faint pencil writings on the back.  I wish I knew enough French to decipher the message.  Feels like this postcard is a living, breathing creature, carrying its own marks and history.  🙂


Speaking of France, here is a wonderful book with personal stories & encounters in Paris spanning the last century.


What A Fête!

If you saw these faded snapshots below, would you for a split second believe they’re recovered from some old keepsake box dating to the 19th century?


Well this past weekend, the 19th century paid us a visit, via the Fête Paradiso on Governor’s Island.  It’s a French-themed carnival featuring 19th century carousels, carnival games and delicious food & wine.

Walking around the grounds, I felt like I was on the lot of some Hollywood studio.  Or perhaps a vintage version of the movie Amelie.  These are hundred year old creations that once delighted the 9 year old version of our great-grandparents.  And they still prove entertaining today, with plenty of charm!

The carnival will stick around until September 29th, so if you’re in or visiting NYC anytime soon, be sure to check it out!