Subway Art

Lately I have been riding a lot of subways and somehow always end up standing face to face with this poster created by Marcos Chin.


I am in mad dash love with this poster.  It captures the harried, magical and all-embracing atmosphere at Grand Central.  I love the little details, especially how he embeds certain architectural elements into the outfits and accessories of the characters.  My favorite is the lady with the balcony skirt and clock headdress!  And of course, there is the iconic green ceiling.  I think one day I will paint one of my rooms in that color and decorate it with my own constellations!

You can see many other posters on Transit Museum’s website.  Here is another one of my favorites:


This one is by Sophie Blackall, who I understand is a children’s book illustrator.  This depiction of a typical subway car is uncanny.  There is so much humor and whimsy.  I remember last year riding to work everyday, looking at this poster and always managing to catch something new.  My favorite characters are the guy in a bear costume (so perfectly random!) and the girl carrying the ginormous lotus plant.  🙂

Which ones do you like?