Figments of Our Imagination

This past Sunday, we hopped on a ferry and made our way to the nearby Governor’s Island, where they hosted the 2-day long Figment Art Festival.  Imagine Charlie’s chocolate factory, except all the chocolates are replaced by cool art installations, interactive sculptures, miniature golf courses, kids and adults running around in costumes, picnics on the lawn, all with the backdrop of Lower Manhattan’s skyline.

Here are some snapshots of cool stuff we saw:


A huge Native American teepee


This cloud structure is made entirely of empty milk jugs


Here is a closer look!


Step inside, and you will see a sparkling blue ceiling (courtesy of water bottle caps) and feel the booming music.  The floor is made of uber soft mud – dirty but so comfortable!


This here is called the Kissing Booth.  How it works is that two people each takes one side of the table.  You place your hands on the two metal hand cutouts on the table.  Finally you complete the circuit by kissing your partner across the table.  Then BOOM! you hear an euphoria of loud music blasting through the speakers, celebrating your passionate kiss!


A fun way to create art.  This guy laid out a huge blank canvas on the lawn.  Then he attached a little cup of paint to the back of a remote controlled car.  As the car is being driven around the canvas, it splashes trails of paint all over the place.  As the cup is being replenished with different colored paint, the canvas is slowly transformed into a colorful Jackson Pollack-esque art.


Belly dancers in front of an old castle.


A joyous elephant and her litter of children. 🙂


A quiet little chapel that’s no longer in use but still retains an aura of mystery and wonder.


A breathtaking view of New York’s skyline.


As all the festivities continued, we plopped ourselves down on a piece of grass, threw our heads back and looked up at the lush greenery above us.  Summer is here!

Learn more about Figment here.


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