Waiting in the Rain

How appropriate that it’s raining non stop outside and I cannot get into the Rain Room.  Sigh.

My friend Caro and I thought visiting the MOMA on a weekday would help us bypass the supposedly insane line for the Rain Room.  The Rain Room is an installation piece, where visitors can walk through a room of falling rain without getting wet.  The rain stops wherever a person’s presence is detected.  Sounds like an incredible experience.  I wonder how my body and mind would react to such an unnatural occurrence.

Alas, even on  a Wednesday afternoon, the wait was 3.5 hours.  Apparently on the weekend it gets up to 7 to 8 hours of wait, and you are not guaranteed to even get in!  For now I’m resorting to Google images until I get crazy enough to wait in line.


See more information here.


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