Gifts for Mom

For once, I am not scrambling this year for a mom present.  Foresight sometimes does pay off. 🙂 But it’s always fun to shop for moms (I tend to scratch my head for dad), because the possibilities are endless!  Here I’ve put together a quick (and very pink…not by design actually) gift guide for anyone looking for fresh ideas.  Enjoy!


1. Rose & Cardamon Bathing Salt from Marble and Milkweed, $20  Bath = Total Relaxation
2. Peach & Gold Dot Dish from Upintheairsomewhere, $28 For the kitchen or for mom’s little accessories
3. Rose & Gold Leather Clutch from GiftShopBrooklyn, $74 Made of vintage table cloth, this clutch is perfect for weekend errands, garden parties, or summer nights out.
4. Silk Pink Peonies from Braggingbags, $20 Yes real flowers are lovely but they don’t last, so consider this beautiful alternative. 
5. Art Nouveau Rose Gold Locket Square Keychain from DresdenDollz, $85 This gorgeous piece dates from 1920s Central Europe.  Put your baby photo in it for mom’s keepsake.  You can also turn this locket into a necklace pendant. 
6. Together Necklace from Mica, $32  Do you live away from mom? Gift her this cute 14k gold filled ampersand necklace as a reminder of your togetherness.




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