Be Jeweled

Yesterday I took a much needed walk downtown, taking full advantage of the gorgeous 70+ degree weather.  On my little meander I wandered into Doyle & Doyle, a gem-like boutique housing a breathtaking collection of antique and estate fine jewelry.

From the moment I stepped into this cozy store, I felt as if I had entered a private gallery or museum.  A wonderful array of Edwardian, Victorian and Deco jewels were artfully displayed in simple shadow boxes on the wall, with neat little captions pinned on the wall explaining the materials and background of each piece.

There is something very alluring about owning a vintage or antique jewelry piece.  It’s like acquiring a living, breathing thing that has had a full life of its own before your time.  And as you wear and mold it, your own story becomes ingrained in its crevices and curves, turning it into a multi layered piece of human history.

I’m getting a little carried away here but just look at these beauties!





For more pieces, visit their site or stop by their shop!


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