V-Day Arrivals!

I love the idea of East meets West.  I guess given my background that doesn’t come as a surprise.  So when it came to creating an initial necklace, I wanted to bring the fluid lines of Asian calligraphy to the world of Western alphabets.  The results are simple yet full of personality and whimsy.  This is one of many of my picks for Valentine’s Day.  Check them out here!

Mosco Initial Necklace, from Mica

Speaking of which, here are some other cool finds that can make the most extreme V-day cynic smile!


Silver and white vintage flower hairpins, from LucieTales.
These hairpins are so delicate and fresh. They remind me of romance from a bygone era, as if you just discovered them in your grandmother’s jewelry box.


“Morning Hope”, by Tubidu.
Tubidu’s prints are so colorful, dreamy and imaginative.  This is my favorite so far because it captures the possibilities that come with every new morning.  Makes me feel hopeful and in love with this world.


Valentine Heart Paper Ornament, by PaperAltar
So freakin’ adorable!  Frame it (or a few) in a 3D display frame and there you have new wall art for your home.


V Day Card, by Emily McDowellAwww…awkward and adorable!


V Day Tote with Gold Hearts, by TheLittleParasol
And don’t forget the little ones!



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