A Goldilicious Wedding

As a bride-to-be, I am constantly looking for fresh inspirations.  And did Aubrey Renee deliver!  This very talented photographer recently wrapped up a New Year’s Eve themed wedding shoot that is simply magical (and frankly very NYC with all the glitter and gold).  It brings together some of my favorite elements: GOLD (how brilliant is this dress?), flapper aesthetics, gorgeous velvety shades of plum, old fashioned cocktails…the list goes on.  The icing on the cake?  The gorgeous bride sported our Ave B bracelet!

Here are some snapshots. More photos from this shoot can be seen on her website here.







Strange Beauty

I am always fascinated by the relationship between nature and architecture.  There is something magical about shapes, colors and textures that we find in the Great Outdoors. Architecture is a wonderful way to interpret these natural findings in modern ways.  It’s always amazing when the end result strikes that delicate balance between tension and harmony with its surroundings – strange enough to be slightly jarring, yet somehow still feels like an extension of its environment.

Here are some bizarre and fascinating buildings.  Enjoy!

An abandoned 4-story igloo motel in Alaska.


A Frank Gehry building that sits on the campus of MIT in Boston, Mass.


Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo, Japan.


Stone house in Fafe, Portugal.


Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea


The Lotus Temple in Delhi, India


Great Mosque of Djenne in Mali.

New Year, New Looks!

Hello there!  Happy 2013!

It’s good to be back, after a very hectic holiday season.  Thank you to all the wonderful customers who decided to make Mica a part of their holiday giving. =) I truly wished I had little elves as helpers (or feed me cookies as I worked).  My home studio was not that different from Santa’s workshop: boxes and ribbons galore with Christmas songs jamming in the background.

It’s always refreshing to imagine what the new year could bring.  At Mica, I am busy putting out new pieces to delight you.   My focus continues to be simplicity with a twist.  I love to use clean modern lines to represent age-old motifs, histories and cultures.  Stories and meanings are what give jewelry that extra oomph, so that when you wear it you feel connected to who you are or what you aspire to become (new year’s resolutions!).

Here is a peak at some of my favorites:
Orion: The perfect V-Day gift to symbolize two distinct personalities in perfect harmony!

P1170198Odeon: An ode to Art Deco and its fusion of machine age geometry and exotic Orientalism.

P1170366Pylos: An abstract evil eye to lend you protection from harms.

P1170015Chanin: Another Deco-inspired bauble to herald the coming of Spring (pls come soon!)

See more Mica creations here!