Friday Finds (On Sunday)

Hello there!  Its a drizzly and cold Sunday here in NYC.  While I’m sipping coffee in bed (hmm eggs and bacon are on the way!), here are some crazy good stuff that I hope will brighten up your day.

This black and white kimono wrap dress from LayouDesign is sharp yet still feminine.  I am a sucker for well tailored, structured clothing and this LBD delivers with flying colors.

This adjustable hands bracelet from LA based Senesense is simple yet edgy, which you can pretty much use to describe their collection of spiked and studded metal jewelry.  When I look at this bracelet I can’t help but visualizing the act of hugging oneself.  A good reminder to not always been so tough on ourselves!

Wall art that makes you think.  This wall decal from singlestonestudio is graphically interesting and thought provoking.  It’s a great conversation starter and a perfect centerpiece for the living room.

This classic leather tote in an uplifting shade of hot pink/magenta by Leah Lerner is a fall must have.  It has the power to instantly dress up a simple outfit, reinforcing the power of a great piece of accessory.


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