Gift to You

They say for a designer to choose her favorite creation is like picking a favorite child.  So shhhh….I guess that makes me a bad mother.  One of my favorite pieces to wear at the moment is the Madison bracelet.  I love stacking a few together to form a mosaic of colors.  And the best part is: each color/stone represents a different meaning. If you’re superstitious like me, then you’d want a few handy so that when the occasion calls, you know which ones to layer on! (you can check out their meanings and stories here).

So here is the best part. To celebrate the opening of Mica’s new online store, we’re giving away a Madison bracelet as a free gift for purchases over $100!

Here’s how:
1. Visit to shop!
2. If you purchase more than $100 of goodies, simply add a note to let us know what color/size you prefer for your free gift.
3. Wait for your beautifully packaged jewelry to arrive!

Happy shopping (and an early happy weekend)!


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