The Art of Making Things

Happy Sunday!  I just returned from an afternoon at the Renegade Craft Fair at Brooklyn’s East River State Park.  What an amazing array of artisans and handmade creations!  It was truly inspiring.

As I ventured from stall to stall (250 of them!), I couldn’t help but be reminded of the power of our two hands.  Amazing things are being created everyday, that start from a concept and an inspiration.  If you’ve never shopped small, I would encourage you to check out any arts and crafts fairs in your neighborhood.

What’s more, I would also encourage you to make something that you would otherwise have bought.  There are tons of information on the Internet that teach you how to create things at home.  I guarantee you will cherish that object much much more than if it were mass produced.  Your efforts, your personal details are all packed into something unique and beautiful.  That’s the power of craftsmanship – the end result becomes a story and evokes feelings greater than its functional intent.

Sorry I’m waxing poetic but I’m just feeling super inspired.  =)



My new textured gold ID hinge bracelet, from Snash.  It is gorgeous and adds just the right dose of glam and edginess.  Skull bracelet: Mica.  Tibetan cuff: gift.


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