Summer Essentials

This summer, I am falling head over heels for earthy, colorful and versatile jewelry pieces.  Here are a few of my favs.


From top clockwise: Textured gold plated ID bracelet, SNASH; Shark tooth and Swarovski crystal necklace, ONLYme2u; Regal gold wood bracelet, AFK Designs; Turquoise soft bangle, Mica

What are your summer essentials?



The Art of Making Things

Happy Sunday!  I just returned from an afternoon at the Renegade Craft Fair at Brooklyn’s East River State Park.  What an amazing array of artisans and handmade creations!  It was truly inspiring.

As I ventured from stall to stall (250 of them!), I couldn’t help but be reminded of the power of our two hands.  Amazing things are being created everyday, that start from a concept and an inspiration.  If you’ve never shopped small, I would encourage you to check out any arts and crafts fairs in your neighborhood.

What’s more, I would also encourage you to make something that you would otherwise have bought.  There are tons of information on the Internet that teach you how to create things at home.  I guarantee you will cherish that object much much more than if it were mass produced.  Your efforts, your personal details are all packed into something unique and beautiful.  That’s the power of craftsmanship – the end result becomes a story and evokes feelings greater than its functional intent.

Sorry I’m waxing poetic but I’m just feeling super inspired.  =)



My new textured gold ID hinge bracelet, from Snash.  It is gorgeous and adds just the right dose of glam and edginess.  Skull bracelet: Mica.  Tibetan cuff: gift.


I’ve always felt a kindred spirit to Gustav Klimt, ever since I saw his paintings Judith and Hope.  In fact, I had Judith hanging inside my cubicle for 5 years (whose nudity may have offended the more conservative of my colleagues).

Klimt was best known for his Byzantine style gilded paintings, which in recent years have fetched record-breaking amounts within the art world.  What I’ve always loved about Klimt’s gilded paintings is that they have a magical aura which transports the viewers to an altogether fantastic world.  They revere the female body and express an irresistible sensuality that is associated with power.  The juxtaposition of gold leaf and vibrant colors is simply intoxicating.

It just so happens that 2012 marks his 150th birthday!




Hope II





Hot Damn!

Today it is 94 degrees in New York City.

94 degrees.  What happened to the easy breezy 70 degree weather that we enjoyed only two days before??

Well, I’m staying busy while hiding indoors – EVERYTHING CAN WAIT until after this heat wave.  Enjoy this neon inspired board – it’s a different kind of hot.  🙂


Dress, Topshop; Sandals, Rebecca Minkoff; Sunglasses, Miso; Armadillo Bag, kate spade; Bloom Necklace, Mica Collection

A(lways) B(e) K(nolling)

This weekend was simply gorgeous  in New York City.

Yesterday we attended the last day of Tom Sachs’ exhibit “Space Program Mars” at the Park Avenue Armory.  As part of the exhibition, we sat in a cozy little theatre and watched five different short films.  Together, they captured the spirit of Tom’s creative approach and gave the audience a peak into his studio.

I loved these films.  They exult the ordinary things that we overlook and lend them an aura of beauty and mystery.  They cover subject matters such as “How to Sweep”, “Love Letter to Plywood”, “Color”.  You can find them here.

What impressed me the most about this experience is stepping into the mind of the artist and understanding his approach to art.  Discipline, thoroughness and attention to detail are at the core of everything he does.  If you really have time to kill, I recommend the film “Ten Bullets,” which lays out the 10 rules that all members of his studio must abide.

The one that spoke the most to me is A(lways) B(e) K(nolling).  You may ask, “what the heck is knolling?”  Knolling is the process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as a method of organization.  Like this:


Yes, some may find this a bit OCD.  I actually find this extremely therapeutic.  Recently I’ve been living in a world of chaos (in a literal sense).  My work space, my living room, bedroom, bathroom have been overtaken with objects, clothing, books, mail that just sprawl across these space, leaving me no room to mentally breathe.  In my creative frenzies, I became fixated on the end objective (creating x, y, z) and I undermined the sacredness of my workspace and home space.

Let’s just say I’ll be knolling today.  🙂

Little Miss Sunshine

I’m excited to announce the arrival of Ms. Sunshine!

Ms. Sunshine Necklace, Mica Collection

This lovely necklace features a gorgeous gold laced yellow turquoise slice that hangs on a vintage inspired brass chain.  Perfect for your summer needs.

The design was inspired by the overwhelming love that the original Sunshine necklace received.  I wanted to come up with a more streamlined design that can be worn everyday.

Like this:


Tank, Uniqlo; Pastel ombre high waisted shorts, Deathdiscolovesyou; Sandals, Seychelles; Raffia tote, Miu Miu; Straw boat hat, Gucci; Necklace, Mica

A Little Geometry


I’m fascinated by geometric shapes.  I love their clean lines that reflect certainty and confidence.

And I am in love with my latest creation, the Triage earrings.  They are all I seem to wear these days and the best part is – they go with everything!  The warm gold triangles contrast so nicely with the yellow jade.  They’re edgy, modern yet still retains the feel of vintage.

Who knew square and triangles went so seamlessly together?


Triage Earrings from Mica Collection


T-Shirt: Miso, High-Waist Denim Shorts: Jane Norman; Sandals: Armani Exchange; Clutch: Purse by Tascha


Dress: Dolce & Gabbana; Clutch: Proenza Schouler; Strap Sandals: Lanvin